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"A true teacher is one the who teaches through his/her actions" - Vishnugupta Chanakya

CELTA qualified trainers at E-world will help you get fluent in Spoken English, prepare for IELTS exam and make it through Interviews using loads of interesting and practical activities. Student's language acquisition has always been a priority for  E-world . Since 2009, E-world has successfully provided training to more than 10,000 students in various course like English for Specific Purposes(Business English, English for Doctors, English for Nurses etc.), English for Academic Purposes(English for IELTS exam, English PTE exam etc.) and English for General Purposes(English for travelling etc) at its Gurugram(Gurgaon) centre. E-world, being the best IELTS, Spoken English institute in Gurgaon, has courses that are designed to trigger a sense of self learning among its learners.

E-world courses are also intended to cover the learning objectives of students who have the necessary domain knowledge and also recognize the importance of developing their personality (soft skills).They are aimed to assist them with employability skills which they can present to their employer. A spectrum of personality and soft skills attributes namely, appropriate workplace behavior, power dressing, CV writing etc. is also discussed. E-world has always treated it's students like a family and has worked for their Improvement in the English language.

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Why EWorld?

Eworld has taught more than 9000 students since opening its doors in 2009. E-World is managed with great passion and attention to detail, by its director and trainers.

Superlative Quality

  • Trainers with wide array of experience.
  • Enjoyable and efficient learning techniques.
  • Regular improvement in training sessions.
  • Weekly course review.
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